Aliases for AND / OR in search terms

Christoph Wagner

Typing 'AND' in capital letters a thousand times a day is a real pain. The phrase interpreter should optionally accept Space for AND, Comma for OR.

Example 1: just type johann strauss (instead of johann AND strauss) to find Johann Strauss as well as Strauss, Johann
Example 2: just type workshop 2021 (instead of workshop AND 2021) to find Workshop_2021-02-12 as well as 20210212_Workshop

Estimated: V3.3


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David Klasovsky

but semicolon for "and" colon for "or" imho


Team UltraSearch

Status changed to: Planned


Team UltraSearch

Thanks for your suggestion. You can already use a semicolon (;) instead of OR. Using Space for AND is planned for the next release.