Wildcard or Regular Expression Contents search


Would like to be able to search documents contents for specific patterns or words where I may not know the exact word. Example searching for Social Security Number, the pattern is ###-##-####. another example is i may want to search for the word process or a variation. Currently I would have to add Process, Processes, Processed or Processing, it would be more efficient to use a wildcard such as an *. That way I could have my search as Process* and I would find all those variations. Thank you,


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I wholeheartedly support the idea of adding regular expression search functionality to TreeSize.

Thank you for considering this feature enhancement. I believe it would benefit many users, including myself. Looking forward to seeing it implemented!


Marisa Bruhns

We also need to be able to create an Advanced Search where File Content and File Content (Case Insensitive) have the "matches Regular Expression" and "matches pattern" options to allow for more precise full text file searching.


Antônio Cleofas

eu quero esse...! 😎