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The ability to schedule a daily scan of one or more targets and view the changes in usage over time. You can currently manually save and then compare scans, but I'd like to automate it and be able to see a trend in usage over time, and drill down into it.


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Team SpaceObServer

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Team SpaceObServer

Saving scan results and comparing current size usage with a former saved scan result can be automated using TreeSize command line parameters.
See: manuals.jam-software.com/treesize/EN/?command_line_opt.html

However, please note that we offer another disk space manager called SpaceObServer which is designed for large servers and continuous reporting on enterprise level. It regularly collects the file system information using a background service and stores it in a SQL database, including size development on files and folder level.
If you are interested, please visit: www.jam-software.com/spaceobserver


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can automate the scans, but you can't get a historical view of changes over time only comparing to a single scan. I'll check out SpaceObServer though.