Find duplicates ONLY among two folders, even if there's duplicates in one of them

Hugo Delgado

I would like to know what filter to use so that the search for duplicates only shows me the files that are among the folders I have selected to search. For example, in folder A, there are "File 1" and "File 2", and a folder where "File 2" is duplicated. Meanwhile, in folder B, there is "File 1". I want the results to only show me "File 1", which is the one shared by folder A and folder B. I have tried using the filter I attached as an image, but it doesn't work. What should I use then? There should be a button or option just for this situation.


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I second this! I've been trying to find a program that's capable doing this but no luck :-( I hope TreeSize gains this ability...


Team TreeSize

Dear voters,
would you please be so kind and supply us with some more information on why you need this feature and for what exactly you would use it? We would like to know in which role you perform your task, what you want to do, and why you need to do this / what is the final goal. You may use the format: As [role] I want to ... so that ...


Helder Nascimento

I would love to have this feature! Just a search for duplicates between two directory trees, without checking "internally" on each other for duplicates (or at least not showing them in the final report).
I played around with the filters a bit, and indeed it doesn't seem possible to do it today.

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