Allow to search für duplicate name and duplicate content in one step


Frequently, I have to look at 29000 results and in addition to duplicate content, I would like to be able to immediately discard (delete, not symlink or de-dupe) files that are not only the same content, but the same filename. These "super duplicates" represent low-hanging fruit that I can remove without more formal checking.

In other words, I would like to see duplicate file choices built similar to the filters section of the application where I can choose AND hashes are identical AND names are identical AND sizes are identical, which implies dates can be different, etc.


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At the moment it only seems possible to find duplicates that either have the same name (size, and optionally also date) or the same file contents based on a file checksum.

I would like to be able to search for duplicates that both have the same name and size, and also have the same file contents.

The reasoning behind that is the following: I have a lot of sidecar files next to pictures that often have identical content (these are e.g. Apple's .AAE files containing image editing instructions). With the option to find duplicates by name and size I can't be sure that potential duplicates would be identical (because the file content is not checked, and with the option to find duplicates by file contents, sidecar files belonging to different images might be found as potential duplicate although they are not.

I haven't found a way to find duplicates by both criteria at the same time in the current version, and it would be great if that option could be added.


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Hello , this is almost same as what i wanted to request

please add option for exact folder names , length , when searching for duplicate folder

i dont want to see a partial names are shows on dupe of other name

for example

A_B_C_444 have one zip file and md5 hashes are KMLJYTUIOYTUIOP678H

Even with other folder have the same hashes still i dont want to see it if the folder names are not exact names

i tried to have add full name or search or and still result are not good

A_B_C_444_ if the digits are different with a single letter or digit it's not helpful at some point so please change its by default and add more options to choose from

A_B_C_999 should match A_B_C_999 not the above but this is shows because A_B_C_ is a part of the file name which is not good
and even
7_h_d which is not the same name
sometimes i see result for totally different names

please help add this ASAP
thank you. you guys are the best on manage and control and sort the tons of tb we have

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