Duplicate Search: Add Ability find duplicate files that have the same filename prefix

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We have a large number of files with the bulk of the file name being the nearly the same with just a different version number at the end e.g.
- ABC Crop Sales Presentation v0.1
- ABC Crop Sales Presentation v0.2
- ABC Crop Sales Presentation v0.3

Ther emay also be instances where someone put their name after the version number to distinguish who refined which version. Not ideal I know, but the world I am currently working in!!
It is likely they will have different last modified dates and be different sizes, with potentially the final version being smaller than its predecessors (which may have had more slide before being slimmed down.

Is there a way you can identify these for reporting/export and housekeeping to remove them from a variety of folder levels.

Estimated: V9.0


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Team TreeSize

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Antônio Cleofas

👌my computer é um liquidificador em movimento


Ronald Pusey

This would also be great for music organization as I have some duplicate music files!


Team TreeSize

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Charles Uibel

Match the first (or last) characters of the filename.

Yes, this what I'm loooking for as a photographer.

I think there's a big need for this.
I can certainly do it in Microsoft Access, or if some company made it happen I would buy that, but I'd rather use Treesize.

It could also be done by renaming all the -edit and -edit 2 files, then using Treesize, then renaming the files back, keeping the -edit and -edit 2 files in separate folders.


Team TreeSize

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Team TreeSize

For us this boils down to find files that start with the same filename prefix, maybe we need to configure the number of characters that should be regarded (or ignored at the end). I therefore rephrased the title for this request a bit.

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