Calculate MD5 on multiple drives at once.

Brian Private

Directory scanning appeared to scan multiple drives at once but MD5 calculation is running on only one drive at a time. The initial MD5 scan will take "forever." (Is it calculating for every file or only the potential duplicates ex. only when duplicate files sizes.)

In comparison, DuplicateCleaner scans directories one at a time but performs MD5 calculations on all drives concurrently.

(Currently trying SpaceObServer again. Last tried version 6.)


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Team UltraSearch

Thank you very much for your post. SpaceObServer is already parallelizing MD5-calculation, but does this for one scan only. So what you are suggesting will only speed up things if not the cpu is the bottleneck, but reading the data from storage.

And yes, SpaceObServer is calculating the MD5 for every file.