Add file operations for Similar Folders' "Pair Details"

Brian Private

There's no features to take action on found Similar Folders.
(1) In the main pane one should be able to right-click "open in explorer", "copy left path", "copy right path", "copy both paths" (maybe "copy all similar paths" for when more than 2 folders are similar.
(2) In the "Pair Details" window, there should be files selection and operations. The key is to merge folders, so that one can be deleted.
(3) If you want the same folder in two places then enable setting up a sync. If your program can't do that then want to pass the paths to another sync program. Therefore need to be able to easily copy the path but if there's a sync program with an API that will accept the path info then try to partner.
(4) The files should be aligned so that it is easy to see the differences, as is done by BeyondCompare (and others).
(5) The main (top) directory should always remain visible. (Currently, when scrolling the main (top) directory scrolls out of view.
(6) Tool Tips of grey filenames is confusing because it gives the pathname of the opposite folder. (The tool tip/hover text should probably say "does not exist in this folder")
(7) Folder/File size should be in a column rather than appended to the name.
(8) No date or MD5 column so how to see when file dates or content is different? (I couldn't find a description of the color coding.)
(9) Since there's no way in the program to take action on the similar folders list, add checkboxes so that people can go through the list, select items that they want to take an action on, then filter/print/save/export a list of only those paths that they want to work on.

Related: In the main pain, when more than two folders are similar, then a highlight or horizontal line might help.